Join My Property Mastermind Group

We are a community of ACTIVE property investors who convene weekly to support each other and answer any questions that arise during your property investing journey.

Our network is our net worth. We don’t need to know the answer to everything, so long as we know somebody who does! 

Building relationships with other members of the mastermind group not only exposes you to their ideas and knowledge, but immediately connects you to their network.

If you feel you need that dedicated weekly support to help you on your property journey and are SERIOUS about getting to the next level, then this property mastermind group is for YOU!

What is included?

  • WhatsApp group access for exclusive communication with me
  • ​Access to a portal with all recorded sessions (annual members only)
  • ​One Monthly Guest Appearance
  • ​Weekly Tuesday 8pm hour long Mastermind session to go through current issues, share what went well during the week and a Q&A session
  • ​Full Transparency, ask us ANYTHING. We're here to hold your hand through your property journey
100% Safe & Secure. We never share or sell your information.


I am a Multi Award Winning Property Investor and Developer based in the West Midlands of England. I established Real Property Ventures in 2018 with the ambition to provide great accommodation at affordable prices. We have been investing in the UK property market for 2 years and have been involved in multiple projects ranging in complexity.

Working with known industry Mentors, Coaches and Training Programmes, I have taken formal education to increase my knowledge of property investment strategy. We find innovative and efficient ways of funding available to deliver our projects, including; own capital, institutional lending, but also use private client's funds who are simply wanting to put their money to work for a fixed return.  I co-authored “Tej Talks Presents: Behind The Bricks: A curated collection of knowledge, insight and experience from the UK property industry”.

Outside of property investment
I have a background in Aerospace Engineering and Project Management at Jaguar Land Rover, boasting a proven track record of delivering corperate solutions, managing projects worth in excess of £200 million. 



Saif Rehan: "The RPV Mastermind Group has opened my eyes to a networking style that I wasn’t aware was possible. Joining a group that masterminds is special and great for learning from others that sat around a table wanting to help others, albeit one that focuses on Property. It’s allowed me to tackle mistakes in a fraction of the time and find workable solutions by asking my peers. I would massively recommend RPV to anyone no matter what their experience is in Property!" 


What Is The Goal Of The Real Property Ventures Mastermind Group?

I started the Real Property Ventures Mastermind Group to provide the everyday person a dedicated, hand-held route into property investing, without having to invest into a £10,000 course or a humongous upfront investment into coaching. 

We have received a HUGE response from our current group of members, who have been able to learn the in's and out's of Property Investing at a monthly subscription which they can cancel any time, no questions asked.

In the Property game, it truly is not a 'one size fits all'. Every deal is different, and for every step of the process, you are bound to have questions. That's why we have a WhatsApp group & Weekly Calls for you to ask ANY and ALL questions you have on your business, current projects, etc.  


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